Link ☀(リンク Rinku?, ) is a character from The Legend of Zelda series, serving as the playable character and the main protagonist of the series since his debut appearance in The Legend of Zelda. He is the everlasting hero of the setting, appearing throughout the ages in an never ending line of incarnations. Breath of the Wild Edit

Link is the main playable character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for both the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. Hence to the game's title, Link is a survivalist who lives off the land, cooks foods, hunts, and ever harvests various "parts" from monsters that habit the lands while on his quest to save Hyrule.

before the events... Edit

During Link's early years as the knight, he had a poor relationship with Zelda, mostly due to the resentment of Link's progress. She also seemed to be annoyed with Link's tendency to be silent, which in the process only reinforced Zelda's mistaken belief that he despised her.

One day while traveling through the desert, Zelda is ambushed by members of the Yiga Clan in order to assassinate her due to possible threat that she posed towards Ganon. However, the hero was quick to defend her from further harm by defeating all the assassins.

At this point, the two no longer hold any animosity towards each other, and both begin to open up to each other. Zelda begins to question the young hero about his silent demeanor, though Link reveals to Zelda that with so many eyes on him, he felt he had to stay strong and silently bare the burden, a feeling that Zelda herself knew all too well. This causes Zelda to realize that she was so absorbed with her own problems that she failed to see how others were also struggling with their problems. Feeling closer to Link than before, Zelda now wished to talk and know more about him.

When everyone began to discover that Calamity Ganon was attempting to construct a new physical body and return, the group was summoned together to stop him just like it was done in the past. However, while they were sealing Ganon away, Ganon used an unexpected strategy by corrupting the ancient relics around Hyrule. He then summoned four Scourges and sent them to each Divine Beast, who in turn lead to the fate of each of the machine's respective pilots. Having corrupted the Guardians and taken control of the Divine Beasts, Calamity Ganon laid waste to Hyrule.

Both Link and Zelda were able to escape, but with the Champions permanently defeated and the Devine Beasts no longer fighting at his side, Link had no choice to fight Calamity Ganon. The battle got so intense that eventually lead to an ultimate near-death defeat due to Ganon's steadily increasing power, and corrupting Hyrule's ancient Sheikah technology that he used against them. Princess Zelda carried the injured hero to the Shrine of Resurrection, where he would remain safe and heal for the next one-hundred years while she used her remaining power to lock Calamity Ganon away in Hyrule Castle to prevent him from escaping and causing further uproar.

one-hundred years later... Edit

A hundred years later, Link is awakened by the voice of Zelda begging him to wake up and open his eyes to save the land, and restore order to Hyrule, while having no recollections of his memories. Over time, he recollects his memories to realize that he was a personal knight to Princess Zelda. He was chosen by the Champions group to become the Hylian Champion. There, he also receives the Sheikah Slate and meets a strange old man, who helps aide him and manages to survive on The Great Plateau and uses the Skeikah Slate to activate a Sheikah Tower that unlocked the Shrines that appear all over Hyrule. The Old Man instructs Link to explore the four shines on the Great Plateau in exchange for a Paraglider, which is needed to leave the area. Link manages to make it through the Shrines and receive Spirit Orbs from the Monks upon completing the Shrine's trials. After finishing the last shrine, the Old Man instructs Link to meet him where the Shrine's intersect, which is discovered to be the ruins of the famous Temple of Time. Link meets him at the top in the bell tower, where the man reveals himself to be the spirit of the late King Rhoam, who was unsure how to approach the hero due to his amnesia. King Rhoam decides to tell Link about Hyrule's current situation and entrusts Link with defeating Calamity Ganon to save both Zelda and Hyrule. He then gives Link the Paraglider like he promised and directs him to meet with Impa and her fellow Sheikah in Kakariko Village.

Link travels through the Duelng Peaks region of Hyrule and finally meets up with Impa. There she instructs Link to free the Divine Beasts from Calamity Ganon's influence.

While traveling around Hyrule, Link also comes across other relics, most notably the Master Sword that can obtained while traveling through the Lost Woods.      

Eventually making it to the castle while avoiding the large amount of security, he finds his way through Hyrule Castle's corridors, where eventually he reaches the chamber where Calamity Ganon resides. There, a battle erupts, which with the power of the Divine Beasts and the Master Sword that was obtained earlier, Calamity Ganon's powers is weakened and eventually doesn't stand a chance against the hero. Ganon eventually falls to the hero but instead transports both himself and Link to Hyrule Field, where Ganon transforms into the mighty Dark Beast Ganon, his final form against the hero. Here, Zelda provides Link with the Bow of Light complete with an infinite amount of Light Arrows, the only weapon at this point to defeat the beast. After weakening the beast to a certain point, Link fires a final shot into the beasts head, defeating Ganon for good and sealing him away for another ten thousand years.